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Roasting Guidance of Kaleido Series M Coffee Roasters

Roasting Guidance of Kaleido Series M Coffee Roasters

  • Monday, 27 May 2024
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Recommended Roasting Capacity:


Roasting steps for all 4 models are nearly the same as the followings if inputting the above recommended capacity.

Roasting Guidance of Kaleido Series M Coffee Roasters

Stage 1: Preheat

It is suggested to preheat for 20mins in order to heat he bean drum and the whole chamber up well, whether you are having a single roast or multiple ones.

Set "SV" at 180℃; "Air" at "30"; "Drum" at "90". Then start heating.

(PS: "Bruner" would adjust itself automatically while preheating.)


Stage 2: Charge

Press "Charge" before letting beans in. After which, raise "SV" to 220℃. BT would go down the moment green beans get inside. TP, short for Turning Point, would be marked automatically once BT is stabilized. And TP ranging from 80-120℃ is normal. Its exact temp is relevant to the real roasting capacity.

Adjust "Burner" to "80"; "Air" to "30" and "Drum" to "90" after TP is marked till the Dry End at 155℃.


Stage 3: Dry End

Dry End (DE) comes at 150-160℃. The dehydration period starts from TP and ends at DE. Beans will have a flavor of astringency and hay-wood chip if not dehydrated well enough.

Take beans out for observation via sampler. Press "DRY END" after beans turns yellow. Starting from 155℃, decrease "Burner" by 5% each time BT goes up 5°C. Meanwhile, increase "Air" by 5% each time BT climbs 10°C.


Stage 4: First Crack

5 cracking sounds in a row mark the start of first crack. FC Time would be recorded immediately after "FC START" is pressed.

You would get medium roasted beans if letting beans out when FC Time records 1min and 30sec and BT reaches around 200℃. And would have medium and dark roasted beans if BT increases to 210℃. 

Roasting Guidance of Kaleido Series M Coffee Roasters

Roasting Principles

Prin.1: Relatively high level of heat should be provided in the early stages of bean roasting.

Prin.2: The development of BT should always be at a slow pace.

Prin.3: First crack should occur at 75%-80% of the way throughout the roasting process.

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