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Overview of 2023 Upgrade of Kaleido Series M

Overview of 2023 Upgrade of Kaleido Series M

  • Monday, 27 May 2024
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Overview of 2023 Upgrade of Kaleido Series MHow do We Turn Cold Air into Hot

Overview of 2023 Upgrade of Kaleido Series M

The heating element heats up the interior of the roaster and at the same time transmits a large amount of thermal energy to the metal interior walls, thus transforming the cold air passing through the channels into hot air of up to 200 °C/392.0 °F and even more. 

Overview of 2023 Upgrade of Kaleido Series M
While the exhaust pipe extracts the smoke and hot air from the roaster, new cold air comes in through the heated channel (Hot and cold transitions do not affect roasting in the drum). And in the whole roasting process, a constant supply of pure hot air, energy utilization rate of up to 90%.

What Has Changed After 2023 Upgrade

Overview of 2023 Upgrade of Kaleido Series M

The latest M1 with a separate air intake and new heat storage design has increased power to 1000W. Besides, the entry bean door can be easily hung on either side in order to set your hands free and let beans in easily after the upgrade.

Overview of 2023 Upgrade of Kaleido Series M

The latest M2/6/10 also has a separate air intake and a new heat storage design. Cold air is indirectly heated by infrared through an independent channel and then sent to the external environment of the bean drum, making the pure hot air wrap the bean drum, which not only improves heat retention, but also avoids exhaust gas circulation, making the roasted coffee beans taste purer. The tightness of the fuselage is greatly improved; the bean drum is redesigned; and the front panel is changed to a more airtight three-layer design; the number of times for beans rolling in the Drum is increased by 30%; the thermal contact conduction is also increased, which greatly reduces chances of overbaking and the production of “impact craters”.

The average thickness and weight of the front panel are doubled compared with the old version, the heat insulation and storage becoming better. The Entry bean door is upgraded to knob handles that automatically close. The heat insulation sealing effect of the inlet is better.

Overview of 2023 Upgrade of Kaleido Series M

2019-2022 (Older versions of the exhaust pipe): 

The airflow generated by compressing ended up with direct and gradual dissipation without aggregation. It was also inefficient to extract hot air. The exhaust fan would be easy to demagnetize temporarily if the exhausting process was not working well enough.

2023 Upgraded Pressurized Exhaust Pipe: 

2023 new version applies the principle of air compression, generating a powerful jet force to obtain greater pumping force. Thus, smoke effect has become better, while solving the problem of demagnetization at the same time.

What Are the Benefits of Roasting with Surrounding Hot Air?

1. By surrounding the hot air, the temperature inside the roaster is kept stable, ensuring stable operation under various ambient temperatures without affecting the roasting quality and efficiency.

Overview of 2023 Upgrade of Kaleido Series M

2. Cold air passes through the heated channels, ensuring that the temperature of the hot air entering the roaster could raise to more than 200°C (392°F). This doubles the thermal efficiency and shortens the roasting time, thus better preserving the flavor of the coffee beans, while improving the expansion of the beans and the uniformity of the roasting.

3. By continuously providing pure hot air, it avoids the circulation of exhaust gases, which makes the flavor of coffee beans cleaner and greatly reduces the smoky feeling produced during the roasting process.

4. Expanding the maximum roasting capacity: enabling it to increase the maximum roasting capacity by more than 20%.

5. Optimize the body structure and sealing design, strengthen the airtightness of the body, reduce heat loss to improve the heat utilization efficiency of the machine, and ensure the stability of the internal environment, which is energy saving and environmental protecting. The heat energy utilizing rate reaches to 90%.

6. In order to avoid unreasonable heat and cause beans defects in coffee bean roasting, bean drum structure has also been upgraded, adjusting the ratio of infrared radiation and convection heat in the roaster to achieve the best heat transfer effect, further reducing

the smoky and dry heat feeling.

7. Avoid coffee beans being affected by excessive infrared rays, greatly improve the flavor of coffee beans in sunshine and special treatment method, and greatly avoid coffee bean tipping.

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